Meal Angels Ingredients
We use real, wholesome ingredients! These are nutritious, delicious foods that we lovingly prepare and deliver to your door. Enjoy all these naturally good foods, with great health benefits on the side! It’s all fresh, and it’s all natural! This is real food! Here is everything that we put into […]

Our Real, Wholesome Ingredients

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Download Your Free eBook Today! The 5 Whys and 5 Hows Of Transitioning To A Healthy Plant Based Diet Hey you! Yes you! Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you fat, angry, and filled with fear? Stop dreaming of a happy life and make a real […]

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Choose Your Own Menu
If you are eating processed foods laden with chemicals, chances are some of the health issues you may be experiencing are caused by your food. With our food you can get well quickly with clean eating and a plant based diet. Toxic build-up of food chemicals have been linked to serious diseases and developmental disorders, […]

Heal Your Body With Clean Eating and A Plant Based ...

Meal Angels hearty bean chilli
Meal Angels is here to help those that are sick from food without real nutrition. With our food you can get well quickly with clean eating and a plant based diet. All with the convenience of pre planned, pre cooked, pre portioned meals for a week, delivered to your door. Food is causing illnesses of […]

Food Is A Weapon = We Have The Solution

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Has the kids’ back to school got you scrambling to be ready? Will you be waking up early to try and put together some food for your child, something that you hope will make them feel satisfied and happy while still being healthy? Meal Angels has got you covered! Our […]

Send kids back to school with REAL NUTRITION!

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Meal Angels gift certificates are the gift that keeps on giving. Do you have a loved one who is sick from food who you would love to help? Give the gift of health! Bite after bite, meal after meal, we are healing people with our delicious and nutritious foods. Show […]

Gift Certificates

Meal Angels Nutritional Facts
We are committed to providing food that is healthy and nutritious.  We want you to know every ingredient we use in each menu item, and the nutritional values in each serving.  In the choose your own menu section, each item has a tab with the ingredients listed and nutritional facts. […]

Ingredients and Nutritional Facts are Listed!